Augmenting the creative process with cutting-edge technology

My workflow - Creating personalized digital outfits

Why wear the same outfit as everybody else, when you can have your own unique one made? Let me help you stand out from the crowd.

I create unique outfits for your photos by augumenting the digital fashion design process with AI-enabled garment generation.

Your photo

1. Your photo and request

You send your photo and request:
"Big futuristic pink fur coat and purple flared celestial pants"

Outfit concepting

2. Outfit concepting

I sketch out the outfit, define the garments and materials

Outfit generation with AI

3. Outfit generation with AI

I generate design variations of my sketch using generative AI

Final result

4. Final result

I combine different elements from the outfit designs to create the final look for you.

AI as a creative aid, not a replacement for the creative process

Many designers and creatives are concerned that artificial intelligence will someday make their jobs obsolete. I don't think this will be the case. Current AI technology isn't very creative; it can follow rules and patterns of data, but it lacks intuition and understanding about design.

Therefore, I believe AI is best used just as an additional tool for creatives to have in their toolbox. Generative AI enables designers to iterate quickly and explore new design ideas.

I am committed to scale my workflow using the latest machine learning technologies specifically for the fashion industry. This allows me to rapidly deliver personalized fashion to all customers, while also improving their overall experience.

My ultimate goal is to bring personalized and sustainable fashion to as many people as possible.

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Any questions about the workflow or technology?

If you have any questions about the my design workflow or technology, please contact me using the form below.