Personalized and sustainable fashion for everyone

Why I started Imagined Outfits

Fast fashion and its negative impact on the planet

Fast fashion is a problem and it needs to change. These brands mass-produce low-quality clothes just to follow trends, only for them to end up as waste when the trends shift. Let's not forget the unfair working conditions and compensation for workers in sweatshops. It's time to demand better from the fashion industry and say no to these practices.

Online shopping is convenient, but the logistics is a major sustainability issue. Because you can't try clothes on before buying, people end up returning a ton of items - creating even more strain on the environment

Time to demand more freedom of expression

Fashion should be a way to express your identity, but it's often hard to find garments that both fit you and reflect your style. This is because most clothes are produced only for a limited range of body types and sizes. It's time to demand more inclusive options.

It's a pipe dream for most people to wear the latest designs from runway shows - they're expensive and often designed with fashion models in mind. These factors are limiting the range of designs available to normal fashion consumers.

It's a shame that we're confined to physical clothing. Why can't we wear whatever we imagine, just like in video games? Character customization and skins have been popular for a long time in games, so why can't we bring the same level of personalization to the world of fashion? It's time to break free from the limitations of physical garments and embrace the possibilities of digital fashion.

Digital Clothing is the future as it brings solutions and new possibilities

Digital clothing is an exciting and rapidly developing field that offers endless possibilities. You can wear virtual clothes for a game or virtual world, or you can use augmented reality (AR) to wear digital outfits on your real photos or live-videos streams.

Imagine being able to wear whatever outfit you want, regardless of what's in your closet. And the best part? Digital clothing is sustainable, and it doesn't take up any physical space.

With digital fashion it is now possible to create designs for a wide range of body types and even personalize designs for each customer using technology like artificial intelligence (AI). Digital clothing offers endless possibilities for mixing and matching materials in ways that would be impractical or impossible in the real world to replicate.

I believe that digital clothing will soon become the norm and physical production of fast-fashion designs,
just to keep up with the micro-trends, will be a thing of the past.

The reason why I started Imagined Outfits, was to provide a new sustainable way of consuming fashion: Offering custom personalized outfits for your photos. You get to virtually wear any design you can dream of without any negative impact on the environment.

My values

1. Express yourself: Fashion is a way you express your values and identity. I don't want to confine you to a set number of garment designs—Digital clothing enables personalization of fashion garments and outfits. It also allow use of materials not possible to replicate in the real world.

2. Fashion for everyone: Physical clothing designs are often created for a limited number of body types. Designs seen on the runway are only accessible by a limited number of people. I strive to make unique fashion designs available for everybody regardless of body type or social status.

3. Sustainably produced: Fast-fashion produces waste and is made in poor working conditions. Digital-fashion enables sustainable, zero-waste fashion. You no longer need to feel guilt over wearing certain outfits only once before and moving on to the next trend.

Express yourself

Enabling personalized fashion to let you freely express yourself

Fashion for everyone

Everyone should have access to unique fashion designs, regardless of body type or social status.

Sustainably produced

By embracing technology and digital fashion garments can be created in a scalable but sustainable way

Do these values align with yours?

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