Making the one-of-a-kind outfit of your dreams a reality

Unleash your individuality with unique digital outfits for your photos

With Imagined Outfits, you can stand out on social media with personalized digital outfits that reflect your own style. Forget about generic, mass-produced fast fashion clothing and upgrade to digital one-of-a-kind looks and statement pieces.

Unique garments and materials

No limitations to the garments or materials you can request. Be as creative as you want.

Unrestricted Posing 

There are no restrictions on how to pose in your photos, so feel free to move around

In any lighting

Well-lit photos are not required. Incorporate mood lighting for more impactful looks.

I said no to Fast Fashion and started a personalized, sustainable digital clothing service

Imagined Outfits combines three of my passions: Sustainability, Design, and Technology.

I'm using my skills to provide a new alternative and a more sustainable way to consume fashion. I am offering you personalized digital outfits for your photos.

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I create outfits on-demand in any material and style you wish

Jellyfish dress

Wooden panel dress

Superhero suit

Puffer jacket and leather pants

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My custom outfit services are also available on XR Couture, a leading digital fashion platform 

Request custom outfits based on these exclusive themes:

Let us be colorful
Dive into the multiverse
Leave it to AI

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Are you a influencer and want to design your own digital outfit? DM me on my Instagram profile @imaginedoutfits.

How to order a unique outfit for your photo

To get your outfit, please request a digital outfit in the form below and I will respond with instructions for uploading your photo. I will ask you for:

I will create an outfit based on your input, and overlay it on your original photo. The final image can be used anywhere you like; on social media, for example.

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Your input image

Your photo

The final image

The final image

Request your personalized outfit today

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